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f8d 33/309: Not Funny, But True
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f8d: A common theme in the global warming debate is the expression of either surprise or outrage at the idea that humans might be able to drastically alter the planet.

f8d: I will now show, by means of a cunning mathematical feat known as "division", that it's perfectly plausible.

f8d: The total land area of the Earth is a little under 150 million square kilometres.

f8d: The human population of the planet is over six billion.

f8d: Dividing one by the other we find each person's share is 0.025 square kilometres. That's about three soccer pitches.

f8d: I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I could drastically alter three soccer pitches in my lifetime.

f8d: The bottom line is of profound importance: this world is fragile in our hands.

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