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f8d 309/309: Normalcy
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f8d: Some governments have a bizarre power: they can force you to give up encryption keys and not tell anyone it happened.

f8d: So a private, protected conversation suddenly isn't.

f8d: Sometimes people try to work around it with public statements that their keys are safe that they can silently retract.

f8d: Well, that gave me an idea: if anything like that happens to me, I'll start writing unfunny comics.

f8d: If you notice, send help!

*d8z appears*

d8z: And how are they supposed to notice?

f8d: Huh?

d8z: Well, some of your jokes are kind of subtle. You know; dry.

f8d: Great point!

f8d: Change of plan: if I ever write a series of unambiguously funny comics, be alert: something is not right!

d8z: Much better.

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